Quality Assurance

Our products are manufactured according to the directive 97/23/EC. The Pressure Equipment Directive, is one of a series of measures intended to create a single European market in which the technical requirements for goods are identical, thus allowing manufacturers easier access to the market.

The purpose of the PED is to provide a legal structure whereby pressure equipment can be manufactured and sold throughout the European community without having to go through local approval in every member state.

The PED is to ensure common standards of safety in all pressure equipment sold within the European Economic Area.

The Directive applies to the design, manufacturing and conformity assessment of pressure equipment and assemblies with a maximum allowable pressure greater then 0.5 bar. Vessels, piping, safety and pressure accessories are all included.

TUNING products are manufactured to comply (when necessary) with the PED regulations according to module H-Full Quality Assurance System. Moreover, automated valve assembly is performed in our Marseilles facility following our customer's requirements and/or their plants working conditions. 

Each automated valve is tuned and tested before shipping.
Whilst our suppliers’ manufacturing processes are certified ISO 9001: 2000.

But, through the years we have learned that such a system is not a wonderful remedy that guarantees zero defects . It is  merely a tool that guarantees a systematic approach in order to do better than before, to live-up to specified requirements and ultimately to exceed our customer s expectations. This is the reason why we have heavily invested in a fully integrated and feature rich ERP system. It allows for full traceability of manufacturing processes and integrated follow up of the supply chain. Thus allowing for problem correction very early on and potential recall of defective parts.

For TUNING, Quality really matters.