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The safety block is an accessory allowing our reversible actuators to maintain a "safety" position (NC or NO) in case the electrical current is cut. It is not a "spring return" device, but a battery based system that guarantees a fixed number of rotations.

The safety block can be supplied along with an actuator. All settings are realized in our factory. It is however possible to add a safety block device to an actuator already in use.
DPS is an accessory for the electric actuator to convert the on/off actuator into a valve positioner

DPS is a microprocessor module with analogical input and ouput. It does all the calibrations and working performance through a microcomputer digital algorithm system.

Signal position input is converted to a digital numerical value and is continuously compared with the position of a potentiometer which is mechanically fitted to the valve shaft. The software program in the microchip makes all the necessary calculations to determine which way the motor should turn so that the potentiometer position and the valve correspond to the required signal.

Once the valve corresponds to the position, it keeps the actuator from moving until it receives a new input signal.
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